The story behind the name:

One evening, at the Old Broadway Grill in Fargo, North Dakota, my brother caught the end of a Mountain Dew commercial. In the commercial, a Mountain Dew drinker was riding a shark in the ocean. My brother exclaimed in surprise, not realizing that it was a commercial. When I told him he declared "All I saw was a guy coming out of the shower with a shark." Of course, he meant water, but the idea of showering with sharks has been with me ever since.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Torchlight

So, last week I was at Santorini with my friend Anna enjoying a glass of wine and some appetizers when she said that I should sign up to run the Torchlight 5K in July. Now, I'm not really a runner. I was in track my last year in high school and that was about it. I spent the next few days pondering if I even wanted to attempt it before I saw a pamphlet for the race at the gym. I asked Mark if he wanted to do it and he said yes. So, much like when I decided to join the track team, I have decided that I will run the Torchlight 5K, just to prove I can.

I promptly went to trust Google and searched for 5K training plans. I found one called The Couch-to-5K running plan. It seemed like a pretty good plan, although it is a 9-week plan and I only have 7-weeks until the run. So, I decided to start in week 3. I mean, I'm not a runner but I'm not necessarily a couch either.

I did my first run-walk training session today. I think I picked a good place to start. I was able to get through the entire program, but wouldn't have liked to go too much further. I ran-walked 2.8 miles in 40 minutes.

The trickiest part of this whole program is going to be the week I have to train in Phoenix. I have the feeling that I am not going to want to run very much when I'm on vacation. I will try my best to keep blogging about my progress. Of course, words of encouragement and tips are always appreciated!!