The story behind the name:

One evening, at the Old Broadway Grill in Fargo, North Dakota, my brother caught the end of a Mountain Dew commercial. In the commercial, a Mountain Dew drinker was riding a shark in the ocean. My brother exclaimed in surprise, not realizing that it was a commercial. When I told him he declared "All I saw was a guy coming out of the shower with a shark." Of course, he meant water, but the idea of showering with sharks has been with me ever since.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Yellow or orange, yellow or orange. Should I paint my home office yellow or orange? This is my current conundrum. Last weekend I was thinking of painting it blue, but I decided that I didn't want a dark cave at the end of the hallway, especially since there are no light fixtures in the room -- all the light comes from lamps.

OMG. I just heard on the news that some bars in the state are going to dub patrons "actors" so that they can smoke inside. Apparently, the law that was passed here stated that the smoking ban could be lifted for "theatrical performances." This is dumb. Honestly, I can't even believe that there are people out there that still smoke. It boggles my mind. So far, the state attorney general hasn't made any comment about the whole "No my patrons are actors so they can smoke" loop hole.

Tomorrow morning I am going to interview potential scholarship students. At first, I was sort of dreading it, but now I think it might be kinda fun. I will be interview four prospective students along with another faculty member and a current honor student.

We are also scheduled to get our new range hood and dryer tomorrow. I never thought I would say that I was looking forward to doing laundry... But I am. I'm drowning in dirty towels right now. I really need to spend some quality time cleaning and folding and putting away.

Well, that's about it for now. I hope that Mark is on his way home. Sigh.

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